Pre-Roll Video
Specs for Low Resolution Video

Compression: H.264 Baseline profile, level 3.0

Frame Rate: 23.976 or 24 fps

Minimum Resolution: 640x360

Specs for Medium Resolution Video

Compression: H.264 Baseline profile, level 3.0 

Frame Rate: 25 fps

Minimum Resolution: 1024x576

Specs for High Resolution Video


  • H.264 High profile, level 3.1 (720p)
  • H.264 High profile, level 4.0 (1080p)

Frame Rate: 29.970 or 30 fps

Minimum Resolution: 1280x720

Video Specs for all Resolutions

Format: Compressed Quicktime .mov

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Depth: Millions of colors +

Key Frames: Automatic

Note: To run pre or mid-roll video on Smart TV use the high resolution specs


Format: AAC

Sample Rate: 48.000 kHz

Sample Size: 16-bit

Key Frames: Stereo (L R)

Companion Banner


  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .gif
  • .swf

Dimensions: 300x250

Max File Size

  • 50K
  • Note: for HTML5, file weight may increase up to 200K
  • 1 loop max
  • 30-second animation max
  • 5 panel max
  • User-initiated audio
  • Close button available
In-Banner Video

Format: Compressed Quicktime .mov

Dimensions: 300x250

Max File Size

  • Max Initial Load: 40K
  • Polite File Size
    • Flash: 80K
    • HTML5
      • Low Bandwidth: 500K
      • High Bandwidth: 1MB
  • Audio and video length: 15 seconds recommended (30 maximum)
  • Cannot exceed 24 frames per second
  • Cannot have constantly animating elements
  • Audio must be user initiated with standard controls (e.g. play, pause, audio, mute and stop)
  • Start, stop and mute buttons are required
Third-Party Ad Servers
Viant supports most third-party ad servers and accepts iFrame and JavaScript tags
  • EyeView
  • Google
  • Innovid
  • Mixpo
  • Sizmek
  • PointRoll
  • Spongecell
  • Videology
  • Clinch
  • Thunder
Ad Server Notes
  • H.264 (MP4) and WebM video file types may all be included within each video feed (other formats may be included but will not be used)
  • SSL-compliant
  • JavaScript is required for VPAID feeds