Native Best Practices

General Guidelines and Best Practices

  • Minimal to no text on the image
  • Insert any text from the center out, avoid text near borders of image to prevent cut-off when dynamically serving.
  • Viant suggests the advertiser to send their logo to be included in the Sponsored by section: Minimum of 300×300 px
  • Submit all possible assets for the largest reach (logo, rectangular image, square image, all text variation)
  • Photographs, still images vs graphics (no animations are supported)
  • Lifestyle images/images that show product in context outperform infographics or standalone product images.

Image Guidelines

  • High resolution images, as large as possible (1200x627 and 300x300)
  • Send both square and rectangular versions of your creative image if possible
  • Format: JPEG is the preferred format but PNG and GIF are also accepted
  • Please be sure the creative does not include animation, it is not supported
  • Logo on the image is optional, but not recommended given the organic nature of native advertising
  • Logo should be no more than 20% of image space
  • Max file size: 100 KB

Video Requirements

  • Must have a bit rate under 1,000 kb/s
  • Resolution: must be 1200x627 or 1050x1050

Copy Guidelines

    • Title text:
      • Please send two title options a short version of 25 or less characters, and extended of no more than 90 characters
      • Headline messaging that reads like content and/or sentences vs. offers or pure product names, cohesive with body
    • Summary text:
      • Please send two options a short version of 90 or less characters, and extended of no more than 140 characters
      • Text descriptions that encourage users to click through to read more, generate interest
    • Click-through URL: full URL that you are sending readers to
    • Landing pages should correspond closely with the native unit, should feel very related
    • Brand URL: a shortened URL that gives insight into what the consumer will find on the click-through URL

Native Creative Checklist

Below you will find a checklist of items that should be sent to Viant to create a Native ad unit.

Content Parameter Spec (native-specs)
Advertiser name 25 characters 
(Default based on Advertiser Name)
Headline/Title 25 characters
Long Headline (recommended) 90 characters
<Body text 90 characters
Long Body text (recommended) 140 characters
Call to action 15 characters 
(Default provided)
Destination URL 1024 characters
Image (required to send 
one of the following, 
recommended to send both)*
1200x627 (100KB Max)
1050x1050 (100KB Max)
Logo image* 300x300 (100KB Max)
Impression tracking URLs (optional) 1024 characters

All bold items are required

*All image sizes are highly recommended for maximum reach.  Text free images are strongly recommended.  Any text included should be centered and occupy under 20% of the image.