Leveraging Advanced Reporting, seamlessly move from insight to action with advanced attribution and closed-loop ROI reporting that integrates both online and in-store activity.

Measurement Reports

See the reporting suite breakouts below for more information on each suite of reports:

Cross Channel

With Cross Channel reports, you can analyze how cross device and cross channel campaigns impact offline sales and other KPIs.

Reports Available
  • Delivery
  • TV vs Digital
Multi-Touch Attribution

The Multi-Touch Attribution suite gives you the flexibility to report on six different attribution models, ingest both offline and online files, and see customer purchase pathways to gain a holistic view of your advertising strategy.

Reports Available
  • Pathways
  • Models
  • Impact
  • ROI

With Viant’s TV suite, you can analyze the impact television advertising has on actual offline sales, by either ingesting your own sales data, or using any of our integrated partners.

Reports Available
  • Programming
  • Daypart
  • Geography
  • Device
  • Time Spent
Foot Traffic Attribution

With the Foot Traffic Attribution suite, you can analyze the impact your ad campaigns have on driving visits to a physical location.

Reports Available
  • Foot Traffic Attribution
Digital Out-of-Home

The Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) suite gives marketers a holistic view of their DOOH ad spend. The DOOH suite enables marketers to effectively allocate and optimize their budgets based on high performing DOOH boards and venue types.

Reports Available
  • DOOH Lift

The Surveys suite provides Advertisers the ability to understand the effectiveness of their advertising dollars measuring digital brand campaigns and direct response initiatives.

Reports Available
  • Brand Lift Study
Planning Tools Suite

The Planning Tools Suite gives media planners the ability to develop a data-driven campaign strategy using advanced analytics. It is a one-stop source for all types of planning, ranging from from business visitation to omni-channel planning.

Reports Available