Viant’s Data Lake not only allows marketers to store all their data, but with our 250M U.S. registered users and expansive deterministic device graph, Viant® can link disparate data to actual people and all of their known devices. Viant has also developed powerful self-service tools that allow Data Lake users to easily analyze and organize ingested 1st party data or Viant data as well as build efficient workflows.


Tools To Discover and Build
Goliath: Data Explorer
  • Ad hoc queries to navigate through ingested client or Viant data with full transparency
  • Visualizations of ad hoc queries in seconds
Magnus: Workflow Automator
  • Orchestrate and schedule multiple queries, scripts, APIs, and exports to form one systematic process
  • Templatized workflows allow for greater team collaboration and ease of use


Intelligent People-Based Profiles

Even without client provided data, Viant has a robust data repository through proprietary and strategic partner data integrations

Full Transparency

Complete access to all log-level impression and audience data, allows for transparent targeting segment creation as well as custom attribution modeling

Workflow Automation

Not typically available in most data lakes, Viant’s data tool gives users complete control to create automated and customized processes quickly

Viant’s Data Lake adds to your existing data platforms

By providing a more agile and interactive environment, Viant’s Data Lake complements existing data warehouses or data management platforms used for targeting and measurement.