Viant Advertising Cloud

The Viant Advertising Cloud is a platform of cloud-based applications that empower marketers to accurately reach the most qualified buyers by leveraging key insights from leading data provider integrations, omnichannel consumer connection, and the ability to measure the impact advertising had on driving sales and other key performing indicators (KPIs).

The three applications that make up the Ad Cloud offer marketers the ability to plan, execute and measure through a single suite of people-based solutions. Viant believes brands should be able to easily manage campaigns and not have to sacrifice transparency to benefit from people-based advertising.  This is why we have woven various tools throughout the Ad Cloud to provide seamless workflows and visibility into advertising strategies and results.

Identity Management

Viant’s Identity Management Platform, an identity-based DMP, provides marketers the flexibility to onboard their 1st party data and match to Viant’s database of registered users as well as connect brands with people-based 3rd party data providers. Ultimately, the IMP gives brands one of the most comprehensive people-based targeting tools available in the market.

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Adelphic for Media Execution

Adelphic, a mobile-first cross channel DSP, now strengthened by the power of Viant’s identity graph, brings people-based to the open exchanges. Marketers’ people-based strategies are no longer restricted to walled gardens, Adelphic enables the ability to scale media across open RTB integrations or customize PMP inventory based on brand preference.

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Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting, Viant’s advanced analytics application, enables brands to close the loop through robust campaign insights for effective data-driven decision-making. Advanced Reporting gives brands access to multi-touch (MTA), TV, foot traffic attribution reporting, and more - all of which provide insights into a campaign’s overall impact on ROI.

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Do you want complete control and transparency?

Viant offers direct access to the underlaying technology that powers all applications within the Ad Cloud. The Data Lake was built to provide advertisers with complete transparency into their marketing initiatives through easy to use tools to explore data and automate processes for seamless marketing intelligence. Finally, an innovative tool that gives brands complete control over data, analysis and overall reporting.

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